Based in San Francisco, Remote Branch is a blog by Todd Larsen. His posts suggest Management best practices for Hiring and Mentoring software engineers.

The Programmer's Code

These are the principles I instill in my team members as I mentor them. I've picked these up throughout my career from mentors of my own, as well as other idols in the industry to form what I believe to be the ultimate software engineering philosophy.

Here are 10 LOC to internalize and apply to your daily work as you face technical problems:
  1. Be pragmatic.

  2. Clearly understand the "why" behind what you're doing.

  3. Solve the immediate problem and don’t over-engineer or prematurely optimize.

  4. Know how to judge a job well done. How do you know what you just did is working?

  5. Simple is better than easy.

  6. Write code for humans, not for computers. Write intentionally with empathy and convey context for others.

  7. Use the best tool for the job.

  8. Be ruthless in the pursuit of clarity.

  9. Research "prior art" to avoid reinventing the wheel.

  10. Work smarter rather than harder.

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